Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Mom ~

Dear Mom,

So I wanted to let you know that I love you. That you are the best. I miss you all the time. I think about you often. I am writing this to tell you just how wonderful you are. It is important for you to know why you are the very best mother.

I have this very cute mother's day card sitting on my table right next to me. I bought it a while ago but I never got around to writing in it and sending it. I picked this particular card because of what it meant to me. On the cover is a little girl wearing her mommy's shoes and necklaces. Inside the card it says "It was from you that I learned to be me." Now this struck home because of how very real it has been to me lately. I have watched Delaney grow and develop. I have loved every minute of it. One thing that has really amazed me is her connection to me. She mimics things that I do. She tries to carry my purse, wear my necklace, wear my shoes, and just wants to be around me all the time. I love it. I realized that when I was her age I was doing the very same thing. She watches me get dressed and put on make up in the mornings. She has developed a new favorite game of reaching into my make up drawer and blindly pulling out whatever she can get her hands on. She loves it. It is from me that she is learning to be herself. 

So with that said, you have helped create me in the womb, and then shape me in the world. I have been so sincerely blessed to have you as a mother. You have taught me charity. You ability to reach out to people around you is something that sets you apart. You need to help people, and you want to help people. You have taught me the value of helping someone when they are down and how to reach out to them. I have never been a big fan of visiting teaching, but I watched you do it faithfully each month as you visited Sister Johnson.

You love children, I may have resented this when I was in high school but I have a better understanding now. It is something that I have only recently discovered but I love teaching them and interacting with my students. Just like you love your students and the YM/YW you led as the Young Women's president. I will never forget how hard I cried when you were released from YW's. I loved every minute you were with me. 

You taught me the importance of a clean home, but also that a clean home isn't always the most important thing. I learned how great a grandma is because of your love for your mom. I learned that it is OK to be a perfectionist but that I also need to be willing to step back and let go when it is time. Bill Cosby said that kids make parents become mentally insane. I am pretty sure that I have greatly contributed to your level of sanity. (Not saying that you are insane ;)) I know that I wasn't always the easiest teenager, my ability to not care about certain things drove you nuts, but you loved me anyway. 

I never understood you until I had Delaney. Until I realized just how much more I love her than she probably loves me. I created her. I see her greatness. I know that you see this same greatness in me. I know that you love me on a whole different level than I love you. Which is OK. A mom needs to love on a whole different level to endure the challenges that their children bring. I am so grateful for every sacrifice that you have made to stay home and teach me in my younger years, and the sacrifices you made to help support our family while I was a teenager. I am grateful for the effort you put into bringing the family together, and coming to visit us. I love how much you adore and love Delaney. I wish we lived closer to you so that she can experience the same relationship that I have with Grandma Smith. 

I know this is late but I wanted you to know why you are the best mother. So accept it and believe it. You are the best. You are amazing. You are a woman of God. You are my mother. My spiritual sister. My best friend. 

I love you.


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